"DESNA is playing at EDC Mexico 2019, which takes place Saturday, February 23, and Sunday, February 24, at Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez in Mexico City. Tickets are on sale now."


- Insomniac, January 2019


"According to press materials, “Money Lotion” by Brooklyn’s DESNA “gets its name from being smooth like butter and sweet like a pay day,” but we also taste a bit of acid here, and we’re not mad. Opening with a rubbery, propulsive bassline and a burst of synth washes, the track builds into a deep techno groove before breaking down into zigzagging keyboard riffs and steady kick drums accented by scintillating hi-hats. It’s a steady burner that showcases why the up-and-coming artist was praised by DJ Mag as an act to watch in 2019 and has earned a spot at EDC Mexico next month.

“I really enjoyed the entire process of making this catchy, rhythmic track,” DESNA tells Insomniac. “Both Tronic and EDC have been on my radar to release on and play, so having both happen at the same time is pure elation.”

Look for the track on the fifth edition of the Rockets compilation on Christian Smith’s Tronic Music label next week, and catch DESNA rocking the Wide Awake Art Car next month in Mexico City.
Available January 28 via Tronic Music."

Buy DESNA's "Money Lotion" HERE

- Insomniac, January 2019

"Multi-tasker doesn’t quite cut it to describe DESNA. A mainstay in New York’s techno scene, DESNA is an event curator, producer and DJ, who remained a consistent fixture at the now-defunct Output club. But the closure of the cherished dance spot in Brooklyn hasn’t phased DESNA’s relentless work ethic. Having spent most of 2018 crafting her distinct, groove-led sound, the New Yorker is set to release on Christian Smith’s Tronic imprint at the end of the month.

After founding her infamous ‘Risky Business’ parties, which at one point bore a ‘NO PANTS’ policy, DESNA is ready to take her infamous platform Risky Business – At Dusk further afield to EDC Mexico and beyond in February. Despite ruffling a few uptight individuals’ feathers with her event’s vision, nothing can stand in the way of DESNA’s discography, parties and unrivaled DJ sets gaining full momentum over the coming months."


- DJ Mag, January 2019